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Next Saturday, August 15, Find Your Voice will be hanging out with children, youth and families from all over the Edmonton area at International Youth Day. Held at Castledowns Park (11510 153 Ave), this event is a fun day filled with family friendly activities and displays. Stop by and say hi!

One segment of our population who are at a greater risk of being bullied are kids who have disabilities, physical or otherwise. This article describes 6 ways that schools, preschools, daycares, after-school-care programs and youth organizations can ensure equality for disabled students. When reviewing and creating policies and procedures to prevent and reduce bullying, refer to these 6 suggestions. Pay particular attention to number 3, as it is running rampant in our society.

A summer reading list for parents, students, and also for teachers as they plan for next year. 🙂 Summer Reading List

6 ways to help you raise good kids:

1. Hang out with your kids.
2. If it matters, say it out loud.
3. Show your child how to “work it out.”
4. Make helpfulness and gratitude routine.
5. Check your child’s destructive emotions.
6. Show your kids the bigger picture.

For more details, click here.

International Youth Day 2015 (JPEG)

Find Your Voice is a proud sponsor of this year’s International Youth Day, a FREE event for kids on August 15, 2015!

This story has been the talk of Edmonton over the last few days. Thankfully, both sides of this story are now out in the open. The sad fact is, until schools, school districts, and school bus companies view school bus drivers as an extension of the classroom, this will continue to happen. It’s very likely that the bus driver has been putting up with this behavior all year, and he finally reached his tipping point. Without tools for school bus drivers to use in situations like these, and guidelines that empower them to use those tools, bus drivers are caught in an impossible position between driving and caring for/disciplining students at the same time. Here’s hoping there are supports in place for ALL involved; the bus driver must be traumatized, as well as the kids who witnessed this, and suspending the kids who engaged in this unacceptable behavior does nothing to get to the root of the problem with them, either.

Several community-based organizations joined forces in Edmonton recently to declare their solidarity in ensuring swift and proper responses when threats to children take place. While Find Your Voice supports reactive initiatives like these – it’s important to apply quick and appropriate consequences for threatening behavior – frustration abounds at the lack of focus on preventive efforts. Why does our society continue to put money and effort into reactive strategies, which are so much less effective than preventive strategies? Plus, these kinds of initiatives put additional pressure on organizations that are already stretched thin. Instead, why don’t we try putting money and effort into systems-wide, research based preventive programs? Those who are in organizations that deal with threatening behavior on the back end will then be forced to deal less frequently with those threatening behaviors.

Click here to view CTV Edmonton’s video on the initiative.

Every single Canadian is impacted by mental illness, through family, friends or co-workers. End the stigma. Click here for an infographic.

Flagstaff County, AB

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Enjoying two days of wide open spaces, fresh air, quiet evenings, and wonderful people, as I facilitate new staff Olweus training in Flagstaff County, AB!

Southland Transportation

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GRATEFUL for the opportunity to spend time with a wonderful bunch of school bus drivers from Southland Transportation this afternoon! School bus drivers are an extension of the classroom, and it’s imperative that they are empowered to deal with bullying, too!