“I firmly believe we’ve got to start to address our country’s bullying epidemic right at the heart; by re-defining bullying at its very core. To me, the rejection and complete lack of interest my daughter and her “clique” displayed toward Bethany was the beginning of a subtle type of bullying. It is true (confirmed to me by Bethany’s mom and teachers), that there was no overt unkindness or name-calling, etc., just rejection; a complete lack of interest in someone they wrongly concluded had nothing to offer them.”

Social isolation is a very real, very common form of bullying. This article describes how important it is for parents to be a part of the solution. We cannot rely solely on school staff or kids to solve bullying incidents. As the article states, if you’re willing to helicopter parent other areas of your kids’ lives, you NEED to be willing to helicopter parent this area of your kids’ lives.

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Click here for a list of children’s books that can be used in the classroom or at bedtime story-time to encourage kindness and empathy in children.

On Pink Shirt day and every day, practice kindness. Turns out, you get something in return, too!
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A great video to use with your own children or students to stimulate discussion around bullying.
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The following article speaks the truth. Many of my American colleagues fill roles with Area Education Offices, School Districts, and State Offices whereby they spearhead and oversee bullying prevention initiatives. Bullying prevention programs are not only encouraged, but also supported by way of policies, legislation and funding. In Canada, provincial and federal laws that focus on bullying are important, however, without top-down direction from School Districts, Provincial Education Departments, and Federal Ministries such as Justice, Health, and Public Safety, schools and other youth-based organizations will be less encouraged to implement bullying prevention strategies. It’s time for Canada to jump on board and require our schools, after-school-care programs, and youth organizations to put into operation systems-wide, research-based bullying prevention programs. As the saying goes, “prevention is worth a pound of cure;” preventive efforts are much less costly in the long run than reactive measures.

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Attention all Ritchie Community League area residents! Join us for a presentation on ‘Bullying Prevention in your School Community’ on October 21 at 7:00pm. Recommended for parents of K-12 students. Free to community league members, $5 for non-members. See you there!
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Click Here for an excellent article on different ways to find out how your child’s day was at school. I love how the questions range from serious (“What new fact did you learn today?”) to funny (“Did you catch anyone picking their nose?”) to downright sleuthy (“Did anyone push your buttons today?”). The latter form of questioning is a great way to determine if your child is involved in any bullying incidents, and allows you to gather and document details about the incidents without raising alarm. The article has several more such examples. P.S. I tried some of the questions on my high-school aged kids, and they rolled their eyes…I think they are more applicable to elementary and junior high school students! 🙂

“helping our little ones become caring, considerate, confident citizens of the world.”
Best Read-Alouds for Behavior Management

September. Back to school. It won’t be long before teachers start talking in the staff room about “that kid.” And students start coming home with stories about “that kid.” The one who is always getting in trouble, and/or causing it. Consequences for inappropriate behavior have their place, but what if we spent some time looking at the root causes of the poor behavior, and doing our part in rectifying those root causes, instead of consistently defaulting to slapping a student with a consequence? Click Here to open your mind to new behavior discipline solutions.

Youth Development Conference 2015

Join Lions Quest Canada and Leduc County FCSS for a Positive Youth Development conference on Thursday, October 1, 2015. This conference is for service providers, parents, community members and youth, and takes place at the Executive Royal Inn in Leduc, AB. To register or to learn more, go to www.lionsquest.ca.