Helicopter Parent for the Right Reasons

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“I firmly believe we’ve got to start to address our country’s bullying epidemic right at the heart; by re-defining bullying at its very core. To me, the rejection and complete lack of interest my daughter and her “clique” displayed toward Bethany was the beginning of a subtle type of bullying. It is true (confirmed to me by Bethany’s mom and teachers), that there was no overt unkindness or name-calling, etc., just rejection; a complete lack of interest in someone they wrongly concluded had nothing to offer them.”

Social isolation is a very real, very common form of bullying. This article describes how important it is for parents to be a part of the solution. We cannot rely solely on school staff or kids to solve bullying incidents. As the article states, if you’re willing to helicopter parent other areas of your kids’ lives, you NEED to be willing to helicopter parent this area of your kids’ lives.

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