USA More Successful than Canada in Reducing Bullying

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The following article speaks the truth. Many of my American colleagues fill roles with Area Education Offices, School Districts, and State Offices whereby they spearhead and oversee bullying prevention initiatives. Bullying prevention programs are not only encouraged, but also supported by way of policies, legislation and funding. In Canada, provincial and federal laws that focus on bullying are important, however, without top-down direction from School Districts, Provincial Education Departments, and Federal Ministries such as Justice, Health, and Public Safety, schools and other youth-based organizations will be less encouraged to implement bullying prevention strategies. It’s time for Canada to jump on board and require our schools, after-school-care programs, and youth organizations to put into operation systems-wide, research-based bullying prevention programs. As the saying goes, “prevention is worth a pound of cure;” preventive efforts are much less costly in the long run than reactive measures.

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